A car driving through road during autumn

Safe Driving Tips for the Fall Season

How to Keep Yourself Safe While Driving this Fall?

Summer’s long gone, and fall is well on its way. Leaves are changing their colors and lining up on the roads. Mornings have started to feel crisp and chilly and thus, we know that it is that time of the year when we start preparing for the host of events and festivals that lie in wait for us. But fall does not only mean fun galore and several hues of yellow and orange changing the atmosphere around us. It also means several perils on roads and challenging driving circumstances. Therefore, while you gear up for those events, keep yourself safe while driving this fall with these tips. Also, once you are done reading through this blog piece, check the inventory of our latest cars at Auffenberg Chrysler of Herrin in Herrin, IL to drive home the car of your choice.

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Reasons Why a Car Maintenance Routine is Essential

Why Must You Follow a Car Maintenance Schedule?

It is not every day that you purchase a car. Getting behind the wheel of your dream car is a colossal investment of finances and emotions. That is why is imperative that you give your car the care that it needs. For your car to brave the ravages of time and brave every weather, it is important that you follow a car maintenance schedule from the get-go. If you are planning to buy a car anytime soon or already have one parked in your garage in all its glory, this might be an interesting read for you. And while you scour through the article to know more about this routine, have a look at the inventory at Auffenberg Chrysler of Herrin in Herrin, IL.

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