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Buying a Used Car Comes with a Ton of Advantages!

What are the Advantages of Purchasing a Used Car? 

Used cars do not have much appeal, right? The automotive industry is constantly being inundated with technologically advanced vehicles. They do not just look great but also deliver an impeccable performance on the road. Therefore, settling for any car that does not match up to the needs of the evolving times might seem like an utter loss. But what if we said it’s not? There are several advantages of purchasing a used car. Read this blog to enlighten yourself and find a used car of your choice at Auffenberg Chrysler of Herrin in Herrin, IL.  

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Fan of Ram’s Heavy-Duty Lineup? Here’s What to Expect in 2022!

What Does Ram’s Heavy-Duty Lineup Have in Store for 2022?

The Ram heavy-duty lineup has stood the test of time with its robust trucks and cutting-edge in-car technology. Not only do these heavy-duty pickup trucks deliver an incredible on-road and off-road performance, but also have a spectacular appeal. So, what does Ram’s heavy-duty lineup have in store for 2022? Look no further than this blog entry by Auffenberg Chrysler of Herrin to find all your answers. Scroll through the rest of the article and browse through our inventory to find the truck that you can drive through the streets of Herrin, IL, with gusto.

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