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7 Signs That It’s Time For A New Automobile

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We spend way too much time window shopping for cars online, but how do you know when it’s the right time to head to the dealership and buy a new car? Here, Auffenburg CDJR of Herrin brings you seven signs that it’s time to switch your vehicle.

1. Your current car is on its last legs.

A brand new car can be a bit of an investment, but it’s worth it when you compare the cost of maintaining an old car on its last legs.

If you endlessly shell out money for repairs and maintenance, it might be time to bite the bullet and visit a dealership.

2. You’re starting to feel unsafe in your current car.

The clattering of car components and the strange whirring sounds can be unnerving. Safety is an essential aspect of driving, and if you have recently felt that your car is no longer safe for you and your loved ones, it might be time for an upgrade.

3. Your car is no longer efficient.

Cars that are starting to break down often lose their efficiency. If you’re noticing that your gas tank is emptying quicker than it used to or that your automobile isn’t running as smoothly as it once did, a brand new car might be your best hope.

4. You’re ready for an upgrade.

Maybe you’re looking for a different color or style or just want to make a change. Regardless of the reason, if you feel like it’s time for an upgrade, there’s no harm in exploring your options through online car buying.

5. You need a car that better suits your lifestyle.

Online car buying also gives you the unique opportunity to think about what you need and want in a car. If your current ride isn’t cutting it, research what other options are available that might better suit your lifestyle.

6. Your lifestyle has changed.

Perhaps you’ve just gotten married or had kids, or maybe your kids are all grown up. Whatever the case may be, you probably need to change up your ride. Why not get rid of your old coupe and purchase an SUV?

7. Your car is no longer comfortable.

One of the most excellent things about owning a car is the comfort it brings. An uncomfortable car can be a huge drag, both literally and figuratively. If your vehicle no longer provides the amenities it once did, it’s a prominent sign that it’s time to buy a new car.

End Note:

If these seven signs sound familiar, it’s time to start shopping for a new car. Always keep your lifestyle and budget in mind while online car buying, and you’re sure to find the perfect automobile for you.

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One white color 2022 Dodge Challenger is shown.

What are the Engine Options for the 2022 Dodge Challenger?

How Well Does the 2022 Dodge Challenger Perform?  

With an inherent old-school vibe, the 2022 Dodge Challenger is big, powerful, and loaded with various tech features. It has comfortable interiors and offers relaxed rides that are sure to impress drivers. The 2022 Dodge Challenger comes with five engine options to take its performance up a notch. Read this blog by Auffenberg Chrysler of Herrin in Herrin, IL, and learn more about the engine choices offered in the 2022 Dodge Challenger.  

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Don’t Ignore These Signs: Your Car May Need Radiator Repair

Car mechanic is filling coolant in the car.

If you’re driving a car over three years old, keeping an eye on the radiator is essential. Neglecting radiator repair can lead to much bigger problems down the road. Auffenburg CDJR of Herrin will discuss warning signs that your car needs a radiator repair. By being proactive and catching these issues early, you can save time and money in the long run!

1. Overheating Engine

The most prominent sign that your car needs a radiator repair is if the engine starts to overheat. Various things can cause it, but it’s usually indicative of a problem with the radiator. If you notice that your engine temperature gauge is reading higher than usual, or if you see steam coming from the engine bay, pull over and call a mechanic to take a look and diagnose the problem.

2. Leaking Fluid

Another sign that your radiator might need some attention is if you notice fluid underneath your car. Radiator fluid is typically bright green or yellow, so it’s easy to spot when there’s a leak. If you’re losing radiator fluid quickly, ensure the hoses and clamps are in good condition and not leaking. Also, check the radiator cap to see if it’s damaged or loose. It’s essential to bring your car in for service as soon as possible.

3. Noisy Radiator

If your radiator makes strange noises, that’s also a cause for concern. Grinding, hissing, or bubbling sounds can indicate radiator problems. If you hear such noises coming from your car, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

4. Loss of Power

Another sign that your car needs a radiator repair is loss of power. If your car feels like it’s struggling to accelerate, or if the engine is sputtering, it could signal that the radiator is not functioning correctly.

5. Clogged Radiator

If your radiator is clogged, it won’t be able to do its job correctly. A radiator needs good airflow to help keep the engine cool. If the radiator is blocked, the engine will overheat. You might notice that your car’s overheating more often or that the temperature gauge is reading higher than usual. A radiator flush can help remove any build-up in the radiator and restore good airflow. Flushing the radiator also helps remove any corrosion that could be causing problems. It also extends the life of the radiator. If you think your radiator might need a flush, call a mechanic to take care of it.

Ending Note

So, the best way to avoid radiator problems is to have it serviced regularly. Experts at Auffenburg CDJR of Herrin serving Whiteash, IL, recommend bringing your car in for an inspection at least once a year. This way, we can catch any potential issues before they become major repairs. So if it’s been a while since your last radiator service, now might be a good time to schedule an appointment. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

2022 Chrysler 300

How Good is the Performance of the 2022 Chrysler 300?

2022 Chrysler 300 Performance  

The Chrysler 300 is a luxurious sedan that offers a lot of features for a reasonable price. It has a unique design that is sure to turn heads. For 2022, the Chrysler 300 comes with various new performance and engine upgrades. The most prominent of these is the introduction of a new V8 engine. Read this blog by Auffenberg Chrysler of Herrin in Herrin, IL, to learn about the performance of the 2022 Chrysler 300. 

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What Do The Symbols On An Auto Gear Shifter Mean?

A car in a garage is shown.

You must familiarize yourself with the gear shift letters and numbers before you take to the open road in your new automated vehicle. Understanding their purposes will enable you to make the most of your automobile. Auffenburg CDJR of Herrin will provide a brief insight into this blog post.

De-coding the letters and numbers:

P – Park

This represents “Park” as a symbol. You may safely leave your car in park and start walking away. Your automobile will also be in the parking brake position when you are in this position.

R – Reverse

This represents the reverse sign. Your automobile drives backward while it is in reverse. Driving in this position requires additional caution since your visibility is limited unless you have a rear camera.

N – Neutral

This is a resting position for your car; think of it as “neutral,” like in between gears.

D – Drive

This is the most commonly used position, meaning “Drive.” Your vehicle will drive forward while in this position. The car automatically changes gears when it is in “drive.” The particular gear employed will vary depending on the vehicle, although most cars will have first, second, third, fourth, and fifth gears.

Low or D1

Your car will drive forward in low gear while in this position. The low gear is used when starting from a stopped position, going down a steep hill, or towing something heavy.


This gear is present on some older autos. It has a higher gear ratio than “Drive,” but else it is similar. It is now uncommon to employ this mode, designed for fuel efficiency.


The “Overdrive” position is the highest gear position. This position should be used when cruising on the highway or driving at a constant speed.

S-Sports mode

This position is designed to be used when driving under conditions that require more power, such as overtaking or merging.

Knowing how to use your car’s gears is important for a smooth ride and good fuel economy. Now that you know the meaning of automatic gear shift letters and numbers, you can confidently hit the road!

What is Manual Mode?

Manual mode gives you manual control over the gears. In manual mode, you have to shift the gears yourself. The car will not automatically shift for you.

You will need to use the paddle shifters or the gear shift lever to shift gears in manual mode.

How Does the Car Change Gear in ‘D’?

The car changes gears in ‘D’ mode using a hydraulic system and a fluid coupling or torque converter. The automatic transmission is connected to the engine by a torque converter. The torque converter allows the engine to run at a different speed than the transmission.

When you put the car in drive, the automatic transmission will start in first gear. The transmission will then upshift or downshift based on the car’s speed.

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Life In 2022 – 6 Reasons Why Cars Are Still Necessary?

One grey color Ram car is running on the road.

In 2022, people are still relying on cars to get around. Despite predictions of ridesharing and self-driving car services taking over, cars are still a necessary mode of transportation for millions of people. Public transit is transforming with electric and autonomous buses, but so are cars. Cars are here to stay and will always be one of the most significant modes to commute from one point to another.

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This blog will discuss why cars will remain a solid mode of transportation even after all the development in mass transit.

Equipped With Latest Safety Features

One of the reasons cars will continue to rule the roads is that they are equipped with the latest security features. In the past few years, we have seen a significant improvement in car safety features. From airbags to lane departure warning and autonomous braking, cars are now loaded with various features that ensure the safety of car passengers and pedestrians.

More Affordable Than Ever

Another factor that makes cars a popular mode of transportation is their affordability. Thanks to technological advancement and intense competition among manufacturers, cars are now more affordable than ever. There was a time when only rich people could afford to buy cars, but now even middle-class families can buy their dream car without breaking the bank.

Offer More Privacy

Public transport can be pretty crowded during rush hour, which can be quite uncomfortable for introverts or people who value their privacy. You can enjoy complete privacy and peace of mind in your car. You can listen to music, sing along at the top of your voice or even take a nap if you want to.

More Environment-Friendly Than Ever

With the rising concerns over swift climate change and global warming, more and more people are opting for eco-friendly cars that run on battery power. These cars emit zero carbon dioxide and other pollutants, making them much better for the environment.

Top Level Comfort

Gone are the days when cars were uncomfortable and cramped. Nowadays, cars have many features that provide top-level comfort, including heated seats, massaging seats, and even in-car entertainment systems.

A Necessity For Long Distance Travel

While public transport is available for commuting within the city, it is not a viable option for long-distance travel. When you want to take a road trip with your friends or family, cars come in handy. You can pack your belongings in the trunk and hit the road without worrying about changing buses or trains.

While there are many reasons why cars will remain an essential part of our lives in 2022, the bottom line is that they will always be necessary. No matter how convenient other forms of transportation may become, cars will always be an essential part of our lives.

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