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4 Maintenance Tips For Your Dodge Challenger

If you own a Dodge Challenger, a regular maintenance schedule is key to keeping this muscle car running smoothly. Word around the block is that your Challenger will run up to a whopping 300,000 miles with good maintenance.

We understand that maintenance visits can be a bit daunting, so we compiled a list of essential parts you need to get checked on your Dodge Challenger every time you visit a service center.

Maintenance Tips For Your Dodge Challenger

A Dodge Challenger is a demanding car to maintain. An engine that delivers 807 horsepower will need maintenance from time to time. So while thinking about the best for your Challenger, we have jotted down four essential maintenance tips that will keep your Dodge running smoothly for a long time.

Check The Battery

The life span of a Dodge Challenger battery is 3-5 years. However, you also need to check it once every six months. For instance, if your car is taking time to start, has dimmed head and tail lights, and frequently jump-starts, you need to look under the hood at the car’s battery. It might need a refill or replacement.

The water in car batteries evaporates over time and needs refills. To check if your Dodge’s battery needs a refill, pop the hood and look for the battery towards the bottom right. Remember to wear proper glasses and gloves before handling the battery. First, be sure to remove both the battery terminal pliers. Next, unscrew the cell port covers one by one.

Once all the cell ports are unscrewed, take a flashlight, and look inside the battery to see if the metal plates are submerged in water. The plates should be submerged till the top level of the cell. If you see exposed plates, the battery needs a refill.

How To Refill A Dodge Battery

Preferably, refilling car batteries with distilled or deionized water would be best. After checking the water levels, with the help of a small funnel, carefully pour distilled or deionized water into each cell. The ideal water level for each cell is about ¾. After you’re done refilling the cells, screw the cell tops back.

However, if your car struggles to start in the morning, appears corroded, and nothing happens when you turn the ignition, the battery might be dead and needs replacement.

Check For The “Check Engine” Light

An illuminated “check engine” light might mean a couple of things. First, the engine’s spark plugs might be worn. Second, the airflow to the engine is contaminated.

You should bring your Challenger over to Auffenberg of Carbondale if your car’s “Check Engine” light is turned on, but to be sure if your Dodge’s engine does need service, follow the instructions below for checking for worn spark plugs and dirty or torn air filter:

Worn Spark Plugs

Spark plugs on an engine provide the electric spark to ignite and start the engine. Faulty or worn spark plugs tend to misfire. Another marker for worn spark plugs is the need for multiple ignitions before a vehicle begins. Worn spark plugs need instant replacement. Bring your Dodge Challenger to Auffenberg of Carbondale for any engine services by our experts.

Dirty Or Torn Filter

A dirty or clogged air filter is also one of the reasons for your Dodge Challenger’s “check engine” light to come on. You can check your Dodge’s air filter by yourself. First, you’ll have to look for the filter housing under the hood; it will be a rectangular black box. Next, open the filter housing and unscrew the filter inside.

Be careful not to puncture the filter with your screwdriver. Once the filter is out of its container, inspect it for wear and tear. Tears in the filter mean the air going to your engine is contaminated. Replace a torn filter immediately.

If the filter is clogged with debris, there is nothing to worry about. Cleaning the filter simply requires vacuuming it. Don’t forget to screw it back into the filter housing when done.

Check Power Steering Fluid

Power Steering Fluid is the lubricant used in the hydraulic system between the steering wheel, and the car’s front wheels. With a powerful vehicle such as the Dodge Challenger, optimum levels and health of the power steering fluid are essential.

To check the power steering fluid, ensure the car’s engine has had time to cool down. Then, locate the power steering fluid reservoir and twist the cap to open. Next, wrap your index finger around the handle and pull out the dipstick. If the oil residue on the dipstick is dark and going towards black, this is a solid sign that the fluid needs changing.

At this point, you should take your Challenger to a service center. If you’re located near Walnut Street, Carbondale, IL, we, at Auffenberg of Carbondale would be happy to provide expert services for you, Dodge Challenger.

Check For Tire Wear

For a powerful sports car like Dodge Challenger, premature tire wear is expected. However, sometimes tires wear unevenly, which could point to other problems like misaligned or over-inflated tires.

Well-aligned tires wear evenly, and you will notice an even decrease in tread around the 50,000-mile mark. Tire wear only around the sides of the tires points towards misalignment. Get your Dodge appropriately aligned to avoid uneven tire wear.

Having your tires properly inflated will also maximize your tire’s age. Over-inflated tires only wear down the middle and may lead you to change them earlier than expected.

Lastly, to be mindful of when your car’s tires might need replacement, you should keep checking for tire wear patterns. It is advisable to check tread depth from the penny method and replace tires if the head is visible through the tire’s tread. Driving the Challenger with worn tires is a serious safety risk, and you must replace worn tires immediately.


And there you have it! Some of our handy tips for maintaining your Dodge Challenger. A good maintenance schedule is the best way to do justice to your favorite vehicle but maintaining a sports car like Challenger can be daunting, so we’re here to help you. If your Dodge Challenger needs maintenance work, look no further than Auffenberg of Carbondale.

If you’re located near 1015 E WALNUT ST., CARBONDALE, IL, visit us with your vehicle, and we’ll make sure to take good care of all its maintenance needs. In addition, we offer expert services in everything GMC and Buick-related, so schedule your car’s service through our website!