Image of a long, misty road with fallen leaves lined on the sides of the road

Safe Driving Tips for the Fall Season

How to Keep Yourself Safe While Driving this Fall?

Summer’s long gone, and fall is well on its way. Leaves are changing their colors and lining up on the roads. Mornings have started to feel crisp and chilly and thus, we know that it is that time of the year when we start preparing for the host of events and festivals that lie in wait for us. But fall does not only mean fun galore and several hues of yellow and orange changing the atmosphere around us. It also means several perils on roads and challenging driving circumstances. Therefore, while you gear up for those events, keep yourself safe while driving this fall with these tips. Also, once you are done reading through this blog piece, check the inventory of our latest cars at Auffenberg Chrysler of Herrin in Herrin, IL to drive home the car of your choice.

Use Caution and Drive Steadily to Stay Safe this Fall

This is a no-brainer and not exactly an exclusive driving tip for fall. It is important to use caution and drive carefully throughout the year. However, roads turn extra wet and slippery in fall. The fallen leaves are wet and can cause your car to lose its balance. Thus, it is imperative that you use extra caution while driving in fall. Check your tires and get new ones if required. This will help you keep your balance while driving during fall.

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Check Your Wipers and Defrosters

Another important tip to keep at the back of your mind is to keep an ice remover in your car and check your car’s defroster. You will need your defroster and wiper more than ever in fall. Thus, take your car for service to get them checked, and remember to keep a weather-eye on the road ahead of you for frost.

Image of a windshield wiper wiping off small droplets of rain

Use Your Car Lights Optimally

In fall, the days become shorter, and this means that you will have significantly less natural light to guide you on the road. Ensure that your car lights are in the right condition and remember to turn them on before the sun sets. Get them repaired or replaced if need be because lights are what will guide you home, and literally so!

Image of a headlight of a black car

The fall season comes with beauty, joy, festivities, and dangers on the road in equal proportion. Therefore, ensure that your car is ready for the season. Follow these tips to stay safe while driving this fall and enjoy a season filled with celebrations. Visit our dealership to schedule a test drive of your favorite car or give your car the service it needs and deserves.